Pokémon Go: What Parents Need to Know

You may have been hearing a lot about a new game/app called Pokémon Go. Based on the popular trading card, video game, and television series, this app allows users to find, capture, train, and battle Pokémon around their very own neighborhoods!

Pokemon Go 2Pokemon Go 1Pokemon Go Screenshot

How does it work? It’s a free mobile app download for both Apple and Android devices. The game uses both your phone’s GPS and augmented reality (where images are superimposed onto your view of the real world, through your device) to allow users to “see” Pokémon around their real-world location. Here are some examples of what the game looks like.

Throughout the game, as users find and catch more Pokémon, they can visit real-world “PokéStops” and Gyms where you can find items for your Pokémon and train them for battle with other users. These locations could be parks, landmarks, libraries, or even street signs!

Even though the game has only been around for a few weeks, it’s already extremely popular with young adults and youth alike.

Should you be worried if your child is suddenly addicted to Pokémon Go? Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind:

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YSB Helps Parents Protect Youth on Social Media

Washington County youth are increasingly exposed to victimization from adult sex offenders, both in person and online.

social mediaYou may have read a recent Woodbury Bulletin article which highlighted this issue. Most recently, a Stillwater Junior High student was the target of an online sex offender. Even though they never met in person, the offender victimized the student over the phone and online over the course of many months.

The County Attorney’s office is working hard through a major crimes unit to find and bring perpetrators to justice, but this alone will not ebb the “supply and demand” situation they face.

For forty years, Youth Service Bureau has stayed true to its mission: to help youth and families learn the skills they need to be more successful at home, in school and throughout the community.

And in the age of Social Media, YSB strives to ensure youth and parents have access to the knowledge and tools needed to protect against those who would exploit vulnerable youth.

Through our Parent Education program, YSB professionals build skills and awareness, providing parents the tools to:

  • Proactively talk to their teens about online safety, such as making safe choices and taking a cautious approach in online interactions
  • Gain knowledge which leads to action, such as knowing when to seek mental health support for their child, or reporting suspicious activity to local authorities
  • Strengthen relationships with their children and open lines of communication so youth feel safe discussing difficult topics with their parents, from chemical use to mental health, and coming forward when they have been the victim of psychological, emotional or physical abuse

YSB’s Parent Education Program offers reliable, up-to-date resources on a wide range of topics, including our Social Media webinar series, eNewsletter, and online resources with articles from YSB staff.

Through YSB Speakers Bureau events, our professional staff engage parents, caregivers, and school staff in small and large group settings, panel presentations, and even Lunch and Learns at local businesses to provide parents with direct learning opportunities, as well as the ability to get straightforward answers and support for the increasingly difficult challenges families face in our digital age.

Your support ensures YSB’s focused resources will reach families and impact a truly critical issue in our community.

Find out how to schedule or sponsor Speakers Bureau events here:

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