2017 has been a year full of transformational movement, growth and gifts for YSB.  We’ve always done great work, now we are just doing more of it in more places!

Thanks for helping YSB go the extra mile! 

Transformational (or transforming) organizations are focused on creating change to improve circumstances not just for families in need but for entire communities

YSB’s growth has focused on creating change to improve our services for the youth, families, and communities we serve. In a nutshell – we have more staff that can serve more youth in a bigger service area – and that’s a reason to celebrate!

The longer story details a year of dramatic change; take a stroll through ysb.net and you will see! 

  • We are close to completing our 1.1-million-dollar program and capital expansion campaign. 
  • We have seven new staff with two more mental health therapists coming on board in January.
  • We have expanded our school-based chemical health programming from one district (834) to three (622 and 833). 
  • Our Youth and Family Education efforts have taken off as we provide learning and training opportunities to schools, businesses and community organizations at a dizzying rate.

Thank You!

Our focus over the last year has been one of creating sustainable growth – we are continually looking for additional ways to help provide the services we offer – and find new ways to fund those services. 

Increased funding to operate is becoming more and more important as we expand the scope of our services and our service areas, and reach more families without access to care.  Partnerships and collaborations are critically important, and magnify any success that we would achieve on our own. 

Did we say “Thanks?!”

YSB staff is learning to talk boldly about the important work we do ~ not always easy for some non-profit staff who prefer to let their work speak for itself!  YSB needs and welcomes your voice as we continue to go the ‘extra mile’. 

Please consider volunteering your time and talents.  Let us know what you’d like to see more of in this newsletter or programming – we value your thoughts! 

We would love to partner with you, and bring our educators into your faith community or business – the possibilities are endless!

As always, you can support YSB’s work in your community by giving a tax-deductible gift:

I personally welcome your call or e-mail.
  I am always happy to meet or have a conversation about the wonderful work we do, our plans for the future, and answer any questions you may have.

With Gratitude and in Partnership,

Andrée Aronson, Development Director