Alcohol and Youth: What’s the Big Deal?

Let’s Talk: Alcohol and Youth: What’s the Big Deal?

By Julia Geigle

While the use of alcohol among youth is declining, there continues to be a widespread use among youth . Because drinking alcohol impairs judgement and can increase feelings of invincibility, individuals under the influence  are more likely to engage in risky behaviors like reckless driving, fighting, and having unprotected sex.

We know that one or even two standard drinks won’t lead to the type of consequences named above. However, while teens tend to drink less often than adults do, when they do drink, they drink larger amounts, compounding health and safety risks. Binge drinking, consuming at least four to five standard drinks per occasion, constitutes about 90% of underage drinking. Additionally, research has shown that the earlier in life a person drinks, the more likely they will suffer the negative consequences, and develop an addiction.

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Growing Together Gala

2019 Growing Together Gala, Friday, May 10th 

Youth Service Bureau invites you to join us for an evening of entertainment, fun, community, and just a splash of learning. REGISTER NOW! for the 2019 Growing Together Gala on Friday, May 10th at The Royal Club in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

Live music, and lively guests, along with a charitable auction you won’t want to miss!

This year’s theme is Youth and Family Education, one of four major programs delivered by Youth Service Bureau, Inc. Our dedicated professional staff partner with schools, civic groups, religious organizations, professional associations, and others throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area to bring practical advice and effective strategies to engage and empower youth, and those who care for them. Presentation topics include mental health, vaping, social media, anxiety, the effects of screen time, and other community trends.

Don’t miss out on the fun! Register today by visiting our website at and click on the Gala Registration button on the main page. Or you can register over the phone by calling us at 651-439-8800.

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Caring for All

Caring for all: Youth & Family Education

Merri Guggisberg, YSB Youth and Family Education Coordinator


Youth Service Bureau’s mission of helping youth and families learn the skills they need to be successful at home, in school, and throughout the community is active in Youth and Family Education.  We are partnering with schools both public and private, faith communities, local nonprofits and organizations to share education sessions and help support families as they face the varied challenges of raising children. 

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