Joe Slavin Memorial Golf Tournament benefits YSB and increases Mental Health Services in area schools!

Joe Slavin was the principle at Skyview Middle School in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Joe died by suicide June 7, 2017; his family and friends wanted to do something powerful to raise awareness about mental health and the need to talk openly about mental health concerns.  

Picture: Darcy Hagar-Slavin, Kevin Wolff (Principal – Maplewood Middle School), and Travis Barringer (Principal – Skyview Elementary).

All proceeds from this event ​were donated to YSB and Canvas Health, mental health service providers that directly impact the schools in ISDs 833 and 622, school districts that were dear to Joe’s heart, family, and friends.  

At the golf tournament, Darcy Slavin said,

We are here today to raise awareness for the need for mental health in our community and to break down the stigma related with mental illness.   A mental health condition is a medical illness, just like a physical condition. If you break your leg, you do not hesitate to seek treatment.

The same is true with mental illness. We are hoping to provide increased mental health services in the school districts that Joe served in order to decrease suicide risk, depression, and anxiety.  In order to manage your mental health you have to recognize it, name it and seek help.  You have to give up control in order to truly control it. This is what we need to teach others to do.”

We are grateful for the Slavin family and friends for reaching out and choosing YSB as a beneficiary of their event. 

The funds raised will provide mental health education to students, staff, and families in the ISD 622 and 833 communities.

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