Screen Free Summer

By: Merri Guggisberg, YSB’s Youth & Family Education Coordinator

School’s out and the sun is shining but what now? YSB has compiled some fun activities to create lasting memories with your family, and none of them involve technology. Use this list to build a library of events that inspire your family members to explore new areas of interest.

Summer Meals:

There are sites serving free meals all across the state at parks, recreation centers, community centers, libraries, and schools.  Check out these ways to locate free meals near you:

  • Download mobile app for Summer Eats Minnesota
  • Visit Summer Food Rocks for more information
  • Text “summer meals” to 97779. Have your address ready to locate closest serving site
  • Create your own Family Mealtime Challenge, additional information can be found on Woodbury Thrives.

Summer Fitness:

There are plenty of free fitness opportunities for teens this summer:

  • Planet Fitness Teen Summer Challenge for 15-18 year old
  • YMCA MN offering free teen summer memberships
  • The YMCA believes every child should feel confident and safe around water. Complimentary swim lessons for those who qualify, for more information click here.
  • Visit a local park, Washington County has Free Tuesday programs with no vehicle permit required
  • Go Geocaching for an outdoor treasure hunt adventure.
  • Join a wellness challenge, Woodbury Thrives has a great example, click here to learn more.

Summer Reading programs:

  • Washington County Library summer reading program
  • Invite you family members to start a summer book club
    • Summer reading list suggestions reading lists by ages
    • Visit your school’s website for summer reading recommendations or ask your child’s teacher before the school year wraps up

Local Summer festivals:

Visit your city’s website for upcoming events happening in your neighborhood.  Some examples include:

Summer Family Volunteer:

Finding ways to give back may be trickier during the busyness of the school year.  Giving priority to volunteering is an excellent way to teach family members about compassion and gratitude.

  • Visit Doing Good Together for family friendly volunteer opportunities
  • Create a Summer of Kindness Bucket list! As easy as sidewalk chalk and a neighbor’s driveway, the options are endless!

Summer Creativity:

Invite your family members to pick a theme for a week and each member comes up with an activity.  Such as watermelons and each family member come up with an activity related to watermelons… art (drawing or carving for older kids), seed contest, create a watermelon song or dance.  Have fun, be silly and make memories!

Along with staying screen free this summer, remember summer safety.  Each city has a curfew to guide your children to make smart choices.  Visit for curfew times and reach out to our diversion team if you have concerns.

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