The Reason for Curfew

By: Shelby Bailey, YSB Diversion Staff

Summer has finally arrived, and everyone is able to enjoy the beautiful weather here in Minnesota. With the sun giving us extra time in our day, we have the opportunity to stay out longer but still need to remember the curfew requirements for youth in our community.

Local police departments report an increase in juvenile concerns after curfew hours.

If juveniles are out past curfew they are more likely to be committing crimes or being victims of crimes. Curfew is put into place to provide safety for the youth in our community and help reduce crime.

Your individual township may have it’s own guidelines. You can check them here. Unless otherwise noted, listed below are the curfew times for youth across Washington County:

Under 12:

  • 9:00pm-5:00am Sunday-Thursday
  • 10:00pm-5:00am Friday-Saturday


  • 11:00pm-5:00am Everyday


  • 11:00pm-5:00am Sunday-Thursday
  • 12:00am-5:00am Friday-Saturday

Any Exceptions?

There are some exceptions given the circumstances of the situation. Examples such as being with a responsible adult, going or returning from work, an emergency, attending a supervised event in the community, or had written permission from a parent.

What if my child doesn’t follow the curfew?

Your child may receive a citation from local Police if they are out during prohibited times.

The Youth Service Bureau offers services for youth and families when a child may not be abiding the curfew times, or may be struggling with other concerning behaviors.  Contact one of our 3 offices to find out more.

We hope you encourage your children to make safe choices and enforce the curfew in our community.

Have a safe and fun summer!

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