Diversion Programs

Kids don’t always make the best choices. And we’re here to help when they don’t!

“Diversion” is a community justice based, early-intervention program designed for juveniles.

YSB’s Diversion services are a good fit for a young person who:

  • has concerning behaviors at home, school or in the community
  • has made a mistake, or bad decision—often with unintended, negative outcomes
  • could be charged with an age-related or delinquent offense, and/or processed through the Juvenile Justice system

How Diversion Helps:

Over the past 40 years, YSB has specifically tailored our Diversion services to meet the needs of struggling youth—while also holding them accountable for their decisions and actions in the process.

In most cases, this can be done without going through court—or receiving a juvenile record.

Our staff work with individual youth and their families through interactive sessions that help youth learn from their mistakes, take responsibility for their behavior, find acceptable alternatives, make amends to those injured by their actions and give back to their community.

We also involve parents and guardians in the process—giving adults the support they need to guide their children through difficult times and ensuring the most positive outcome.

Diversion Services include:

General Assessments, Awareness Programs for Theft, Bullying and Chemical Use, as well as Conflict Resolution Skills.  Community Work Service also provides a restorative approach to youth accountability.

YSB’s program outcomes show that when young people and their families are provided with accurate information, opportunities to learn and effective support, they can make better choices in their lives—and things will improve.

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Watch our “Community Impact” video to hear local leaders help explain how YSB’s early intervention programs change young lives and benefit the whole community.

YSB would like to THANK the following supporters for helping us share YSB’s story:

Pete Orput- Washington County Attorney
Lee Vague- Woodbury Chief of Police
Paul Lee- Stillwater Area Public Schools #834
Dr. Dave Walsh- author and international speaker, and
Jim Bradshaw – local business owner in Stillwater, MN



Learn about our staff
including Shelby Bailey and Ravi Roelfs, YSB’s Youth Diversion Specialists; and Michael Huntley, Program Director.

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