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YSB knows kids… and we know parents, too! If you are looking for information on issues that impact youth and families– YSB can help!

YSB has a long history of working with others throughout the community to provide education and resources. From finding a balance with technology to learning effective parent-child communication strategies, we have the expertise you’re looking for!

What is the “Speakers Bureau?”

YSB’s Speakers Bureau program helps you provide high quality parent education to your audience or workplace.

Raising kids is more complicated than ever before. Kids are exposed to things that didn’t exist when their parents were kids – e-cigarettes, social media, cyber-bullying – and there aren’t a lot of community resources to help parents of teens and pre-teens figure it all out.

Through Speakers Bureau, our staff share their expertise to help your audience better understand the challenges youth and families face and provide practical solutions for managing those challenges.

We realize that parents are busy and fitting another thing into their schedule can be challenging. We also know that parents don’t stop being parents when they go to work each day. Lunch and Learns help us reach busy parents right in the workplace.

“Thank you for your passion and knowledge! I’m glad there’s help for this age. Counties do a great job with birth to 5 programs, but we parents need more help with grade school, middle school, and high school. We can’t help what we don’t know – we need to be taught too.” – Parent who attended a Speakers Bureau event

I’m interested in…

A speaker for my community or school

Our Speakers Bureau is a great fit for your needs!

Benefit to Your Group or Organization
By engaging a YSB speaker, you help families get the practical tips and tools they need to support the emotional and behavioral health of their kids.

How does it work?
YSB partners with you to determine staff availability on the topic of interest. Presentations range from 20 – 90 minutes based on your needs. YSB will remain available after the presentation to answer any questions.

Please contact Merri Guggisberg, Youth and Family Education Coordinator for details about Speakers Bureau fees. or call 651-735-9534.

A speaker for my business or employees

Our Lunch and Learn program helps employees learn right where they are!

Benefit to Employees
It’s no secret that what we are dealing with at home has a direct impact on our work performance. At YSB our goal is to address concerns early, before they become too large or costly to handle. By hosting a Lunch and Learn, you help your employees get practical tips and tools to support the health and well being of their kids and family.

How does it work?
YSB partners with you to schedule a time and location for the Lunch and Learn. Employees are invited to bring their lunch and listen to an informal 20-30 minute presentation on a topic of your choice. Employees can come and go as they please. YSB will remain available after the presentation to answer any questions.

Please contact Merri Guggisberg, Youth and Family Education Coordinator for details about Lunch and Learn fees. or call 651-735-9534.

Available topics for presentations

Log-On to Social Media
Learn about popular social media platforms and how to help your kids use them safely. You’ll also learn strategies for managing online time, how to respond to sexting and cyberbullying, and how social media impacts development.

Tackle Stress and Anxiety
Do your teens or preteens struggle with anxiety or stress? Learn the difference between the two, how to recognize signs, and explore ways to help teens manage their stress both in and out of school.

Understanding How Teens Grieve
Grief is a normal part of life, but kids and teens grieve differently than adults. Come learn more about the various ways young people grieve and how you can support this process over time.

Guiding Children with Discipline
Ever struggled to get your kids to do chores or homework? In this session, you’ll learn the difference between discipline and punishment and how to use effective discipline techniques at home in order to hold your kids accountable as they continue to grow and learn.

Kick the Habit Before it Starts
Being a teenager is hard enough without throwing chemicals into the mix! In this session you’ll learn the impact chemicals have on your teen’s ability to grow and learn. You’ll also learn strategies for how to start a conversation about chemicals with your teen.

Communicating with Youth (Even When They Don’t Want to Talk)
Do all teens just respond with one-word answers? Does every conversation have to turn into a battle? In this session you’ll learn what age-appropriate communication looks like, how to practice active listening, and gain practical strategies to improve your parent-child communication skills.

E-Cigs: More Than Just Nicotine
E-cigarettes are now being used by people of all ages. Come learn about vaping, what we do (and don’t) know about e-cigs, and how kids are using them today.

When Kids Lose Their Sparkle
Did you know that depression in youth is more common than you may think? Come learn the causes and warning signs of depression, and what you as a parent can do to help a young person get their “sparkle” back.

Healthy Relationships
Relationships can be difficult as people grow and change. Communication, kindness, and respect are essential for healthy marital, parent-child, and sibling relationships. Join us as we learn how to maintain and foster healthy relationships with one another.

Navigating the Rapids of Teenage Relationships
When children become teens, they begin searching for important relationships outside the family. This can be a confusing time for parents. What is normal? How can you support your child while also keeping them safe? In this session you’ll learn how to navigate the complexities of teen relationships, from friendships to dating.

Breaking Down the Buzz
Student chemical use can be difficult to identify, and when you do identify it, then what? This presentation will focus on the trends of drug and alcohol use in Minnesota schools as well as how to identify the signs when a student is using and what you can do to help.

Raising Resilient Kids
What can parents do right now to raise resilient kids ready for adulthood? Learn what to do (and what not to do) to help your child develop the skills and traits they need for a happy, healthy, and successful life.

Back to School 101: Tips and Tools for Your Child’s Academic Success
Are back-to-school transitions difficult for your child? Does homework always become a battle? Do you feel like you never know when or how much to be involved in your child’s academics? In this presentation, gain a developmentally appropriate perspective on your child’s academic success, how to get back into a school routine, and what your role is when it comes to school.

Kids in Crisis: Self-harm and Suicide
Learning that your child is self-harming can be a scary thing, but there are things you can do to help. Come learn more about the difference between self-harm and suicide, why kids self-harm, and what you can do when your child needs help.

Interested in a different topic? We can help! Contact us for more details.

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