What’s That Called Again? Part 2

Substance Trends of Today and Their Nicknames
By: Gina Johnson, Chemical Health Prevention Specialist

The use of substances have been around for centuries but what was popular 10 years ago may not be the drug of choice now.

According to the MN Student Survey, an anonymous survey taken every 3 years, the 3 most popular substances used by students are alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco. Those 3 have been the leading substances used by students for the past 20 years. However, their strength and how they are delivered into the body has changed drastically.

For the past five years a new device that delivers nicotine has flown onto the radar. It is called an Electronic Cigarette and it has surpassed cigarettes with usage among youth. At this point, an E-cig, is nothing like a traditional cigarette. It uses a battery to heat up liquid nicotine and turns it into an aerosol for the user to take a hit and get an immediate intense nicotine buzz.

For the first time in 17 years tobacco rates have increased among youth due to the use of electronic cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are calling this an epidemic because of the increased use and high amount of nicotine found in the products.

JUUL, pronounced JEWEL, is dominating the e-cig market with 70% of users. JUUL is popular because of the sleekness of the device as well as the high-tech technology being used. The JUUL looks similar to a flash drive and can even be charged in a computer. One of the biggest concerns with JUUL is the high amount of nicotine found in one flavor pod.

The nicotine found in one flavor pod can equal to one pack of cigarettes. JUUL does not have any nicotine free options. Nicotine in adolescents primes the brain for addiction by changing the brains chemistry.

Talk to your child about the harms that nicotine can have on the developing brain. Discuss what your house rules and consequences are before they may be needed and to follow through on consequences. Know the facts about e-cigs and nicotine addiction. Vaping Parent Resource Guide

Common nicknames for electronic cigarettes are: Ecig, Vape, Vape pen, E-hookah, JUUL, and Mod.

Gina Johnson is the Chemical Health Prevention Specialist for the South Washington County School District. She works through a partnership with the Youth Service Bureau (YSB). Gina’s main role is to educate students, staff, and parents on substance use and to help prevent and reduce youth use in the community.

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