Our Staff


Photo (left to right): Chrissy Sola, Shelby Bailey, Kay Schwebach, Rochelle Kruszka, Barbara Ohs, Jeanine Olson, Debbie Campbell, Bob Sherman, Ravi Roelfs, Julia Geigle and Michael Huntley.

Chemical Health Specialist

Julia Geigle, M.S.W., LGSW, CPP

Youth and Family Therapists      

Michael Huntley, M.A., LP
Kay Schwebach, M.A., LMFT
Rochelle Kruszka, M.A., LAMFT
Lea Thorton, M.A., LICSW

Youth Diversion Specialists

Shelby Bailey
Ravi Roelfs

Youth and Family Education

Merri Guggisberg, Youth and Family Education Coordinator

Administrative Staff

Debbie Campbell, Accounts Manager
Barbara Ohs, Administrative Assistant
Jeanine Olson, Administrative Assistant
Chrissy Sola, Administrative Assistant
Andrée Aronson, Development Director
Bob Sherman, Executive Director