A YSB Blog Article

Back to School


Mike Huntley, Executive Director

This is the time to begin the back-to-school transitions to help kids be more successful.  It is recommended that families help their kids begin adjusting from summer-time bedtimes towards those all-important school-time bedtimes.  Start here in August by gradually helping that shift begin so that there is not a big shock once the school year is upon you. Perhaps dial back the bedtime by fifteen minutes each night until you’ve reached a realistic bedtime for the new school year.

Another idea, especially for students heading into a new school setting, is to head on over to the school and take a quick tour.  It can help kids feel reassured when they know where certain things are in a building: bathrooms, lunchroom, lockers, library, office, bus-stop, etc.  It can also be helpful for students to do this tour in a calmer and quieter setting than the typical crowded and busy back-to-school nights – those events are good, but can also feel overwhelming to some.

For more tips on returning to school, read this article from Psychology Today.

Speaking of schools, did you know that YSB offers many school-based support services? We are present in all the High School and Middle schools in 622, 833, and 834 with our Chemical Health Support specialists.  We provide mental health supports for students at the SWAHS in 833, the ALC in 834, and at St. Croix Preparatory Academy.  Contact us, or the school, for more information.