YIPA recognizes YSB Executive Director in ‘Hall Of Fame’!

On December 7, 2018, YSB Executive Director, Robert T. Sherman, Jr. joined an elite group of individuals when he  was inducted into the Youth Intervention Hall of Fame.

Nominated for the Friends of Youth Leadership Award, Bob was chosen because he stood out as a leader in their field with a tireless commitment to youth.

Since 1999, the Youth Intervention Hall of Fame includes individuals that go above and beyond in their service to youth in need and recognizes them for their accomplishments. Over the years, only 81 individuals out of thousands of youth workers have achieved such status in the Youth Intervention field.

“Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is a big deal,” said Paul Meunier, the Executive Director of the Youth Intervention Programs Associations (YIPA). “We know that everyone who devotes their career to helping our most vulnerable youth is a superstar, but Hall of Fame members stand out as incredible people that we should all try to emulate.”

“I’m truly honored, and humbled, to receive this award” said Bob Sherman.  “Working with Paul Meunier, his staff and board has been delightful! We’re all dedicated to the same end: advocating for legislative support and providing professional training for social workers who help at-risk youth turn their lives around and become caring, successful adults. Many of these kids just need guidance and support through tough times, and like Youth Service Bureau, YIPA’s other member organizations provide that very well.”

Bob Sherman works for the Youth Service Bureau, Inc. (YSB) as the Executive Director.  YSB has been providing services since 1976 in Washington County and the surrounding communities.  YSB serves over 5,000 youth and their families every year through mental health counseling, diversion services, school based chemical health support, and education on topics like bullying, social media, and depression.   #betterchoicesbrighterfutures

Youth Intervention connects young people with caring adults to develop their unique abilities and individual talents so they become productive, contributing members of their community.

Together we support better choices and brighter futures!

At this time of year there is a heightened awareness of gratitude and giving. 

We at YSB are beyond blessed with our expanding partnerships, and the amazing support we receive from our community.

We have increased the numbers of youth and families that we have served throughout this last year, in large part to our recent capital and program expansion campaign that:

  • brought new therapists to YSB
  • expanded our Chemical Health support in ISD 622, ISD 833, and ISD 834
  • more than tripled the amount of Youth and Family Education sessions offered in 2018
  • has measurably increased our visibility in the community.

YSB has much to be grateful for – from those who use our services and those that help fund our work – together we support better choices and brighter futures!

Thank you for all you do for the youth and families in our communities!

D-833 and YSB: Chemical Health- Clinical Services

Chemical Health Spotlight:

Did you know that District 833 and the Youth Service Bureau have partnered to provide two Chemical Health Specialists to deliver services in the high schools?

‘YSB’ is a non-profit located in Washington County and offers a range of services focusing on youth and their families.

Gina Johnson, Prevention Specialist 


Colleen O’Neil, LADC, Clinical Specialist


How we help:

Colleen is the Chemical Health Clinical Specialist for District 833. Her role is to help students and families access confidential services including:

  • One on one support for students who use substances, have a history of substance use, and/or are impacted by other’s use.
  • Support groups such as concerned persons and sober support.
  • Family sessions regarding youth substance use focus on connecting families to resources.
  • Parent and staff consultation- daily/ weekly communication w/referents and with both admin/counseling staff.
  • Chemical health screenings and pre-assessments- as needed, counselor discretion.
  • Referrals to outside resources and follow-up support.

 Service provided:

  • Monday-Woodbury, 7:15am-3:15pmTuesday-East Ridge, 7:15am-3:15pm

    Wednesday-Park, 7:15am-3:15pm

    Thursday-South Washington Alternative, 7:15a-3:15pm

    Friday-Float day (go to which school has greatest need)


Stay tuned for next week’s “Chemical Health Spotlight” on the current substance use trends and their nicknames.

Learn more about all YSB’s Chemical Health Services. Call 651.439.8800 for support!

Sleepover Safety

With the upcoming holidays and time off of school, you may be hosting or sending your child off to a sleepover.  YSB recommends implementing some common sense limits for you kids and their friends.

This could include:

  • parental involvement to guide usage and content appropriate for the age group
  • speak with the parents of invitees, ask them to prepare their kids for the ‘rules’ before the sleepover 
  • collect phones before/during a sleepover
  • make sure alternatives are available: games, creative activities, snacks, movies

Click here for more information from Washington Post/@ONParenting:  Why cellphones and sleepovers are such a bad mix (and what parents can do about it)

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What’s That Called Again?

Drug Trends of Today and Their Nicknames
(Part 1 of 3)
By: Gina Johnson, Chemical Health Prevention Specialist, D-833

The use of substances has been around for centuries but what was popular 10 years ago may not be the drug of choice now.

According to the MN Student Survey, an anonymous survey taken every 3 years, the 3 most popular substances used by students are alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco. Those 3 have been the leading substances used by students for the past 20 years.

However, their strength and how it is delivered into the body has changed drastically.

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D-833 and YSB: Chemical Health Services

Chemical Health Spotlight:

Did you know that District 833 and the Youth Service Bureau have partnered to provide two Chemical Health Specialists to deliver services in the high schools?

‘YSB’ is a non-profit located in Washington County and offers a range of services for youth and their families.  How we help:

Gina Johnson, Prevention Specialist 


Colleen O’Neil, LADC, Clinical Specialist



Gina is the Chemical Health Prevention Specialist for District 833 and the surrounding community. Her role is to help educate students, staff, and parents on the dangers of substance use and to positively influence youth to make healthier choices. She has been doing this in the district by:

  • Classroom, staff and parent presentations on chemical health issues such as vaping, brain development, prevention tools for parents, peer pressure and refusal skills, and more.
  • Newsletters to parents/staff on chemical health issues (current trends, prevention, education, and resources.)
  • Sustain and support student clubs/ groups promoting health and wellness. Such as the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).
  • Prevention Campaigns within the district as well as in the community.
  • School policy and procedure development.

If you are interested in bringing Gina into your classroom for a presentation or have other prevention needs, please contact her at

Stay tuned for next week’s Chemical Health Spotlight on the Chemical Health Clinical Specialist, Colleen O’Neil, LADC.

Learn more about all YSB’s Chemical Health Services.

YSB’s Community Programs Receive Community Support!

YSB Welcomes TJ Maxx/Home Store to Cottage Grove – and receives $10,000 for our “awesome community service!”

Many thanks to Jon Rose, Store Manager, and Myron Bailey, Mayor of Cottage Grove and YSB Board Member, for their efforts that brought 120 jobs (and counting!) to the community!

A cold and rainy day did not deter the shoppers and supporters – thanks again to TJ Maxx/Home Store for supporting YSB – we are able to do the work we do because of funding like this!


Photo includes Myron Bailey- Cottage Grove Mayor and YSB Board Member, Andree Aronson – YSB Development Director and Jon Rose, Store Manager



Welcome to Cottage Grove, TJ Maxx and Home Goods!