Chemical Health Needs

Meet our amazing, caring and knowledgeable YSB staff.

Electronic cigarettes, stimulants, synthetic drugs and more – the temptations and pressures which teens face expand and evolve. Yet, chemical use is not just a “normal” part of adolescence and cannot be ignored. Teen brains are at greater risk for developing substance use disorders and addiction. However, that risk decreases each year substance use is delayed during adolescence. That’s why YSB’s chemical health programs focus on prevention, education and early intervention.

Access to quality chemical health services improves opportunities for success and strengthens the health and well-being of youth, their families and our communities.

YSB supports the chemical health needs of youth and their families in a variety of ways:

  • Chemical Awareness Class – early intervention at first signs of chemical use
  • Teen Intervene – individualized support to address a teen’s mild to moderate chemical use
  • Speakers Bureau – educational presentations on local trends in the community
  • School-Based Services – direct chemical health support and prevention services to reduce youth substance use and improve wellness; in partnership with local Independent School Districts 622, 833 and 834
  • Find Resources to help support a young person with Chemical Health concerns/issues

YSB’s prevention and early intervention approach changes lives

Check out our video to hear from a youth participant, along with many of our School-Based partners across local districts to find out how.

Chemical Health support in schools allows students to seek out support from an adult in a safe, non-judgmental setting. Many students self-refer to discuss their chemical health –including students who don’t know how to tell their parents they are using or who don’t have access to outside support due to financial and transportation barriers.

Since 2006, YSB has provided a full-time Chemical Health Specialist in Stillwater Area Schools (ISD 834). With dynamic and growing needs across East Metro communities, YSB’s Expansion Campaign furthered community collaborations in Fall 2017 to provide 4 Full-time, on-site Chemical Health Specialists throughout 3 local independent school districts serving Ramsey and Washington Counties.

on-site Chemical Health Specialists

These 5 Specialists provide clinical and/or prevention services dedicated to students and families, local school staff, and the greater community:

Nikki Bussert, BA, LADC
Chemical Health Specialist

Taila Ward, BS, LADC
Chemical Health Specialist

Nikki Bussert, BA, LADC
Chemical Health Specialist

Meghan Heffner, MSW, LISW
Chemical Health Specialist

Matt McCune, MA, LADC
Chemical Health Specialist