General Assessment and Other Services

General assessments and other diversion services are open to participants who are high school students or are under the age of 18.

A referral is not needed to participate in these services, but you must first schedule an appointment with a Youth Diversion Specialist. Our services are professional, affordable, and confidential.  We also offer a sliding fee scale, as needed.

1-hour session, parent/guardian attends, $15
During the General Assessment process, youth and their family meet with a YSB Youth Diversion Specialist to address challenges they are facing and create a plan to deal with the situation. A plan may include community work service, awareness programs, apology letters, counseling or participation in other YSB programs.

30 minute session,
 parent attends, No fee
This is a structured program that helps youth complete community work service hours and/or make restitution. Youth and their family meet with YSB staff to discuss the offense and how restitution will be made to the community through service or payment. After service or payment is made, they again meet with YSB staff to reflect on the experience and how they repaired the harm.

3, 1-hour sessions, parent/guardian attends, $80

This harm-reduction program helps youth and parents address mild to moderate chemical use and abuse through a series of three sessions. Sessions include goal setting, identifying challenges and strategies to achieve goals, and education about alcohol, drugs and treatment challenges.

The heart of Restorative Justice is about bringing the community together to heal.  Youth Service Bureau recognizes that it takes a community to raise a child and unfortunately people make mistakes. A mistake does not define who you are, but what you do moving forward does. Restorative Justice is a process where both the victim(s) and offender(s) and community members, have the opportunity to meet face to face to talk about the harm that occurred; the victim can explain how they were impacted so that the offender better grasps the full consequences of their behavior. The offender can then apologize and/or the conference participants create a safe place, and plan for potentially moving forward.

YSB partners with local law enforcement to help youth learn about why curfews exist and how they help youth and the community. Prior to attending the circle, the youth and a parent or caregiver must meet with a YSB Youth Diversion Specialist. Parents are not required to attend the Curfew Circle.

Contact a YSB office near you for more information.