By Myron Bailey

Board of Directors Chair

At the Youth Service Bureau – We strive to provide youth and families the support they need around mental health concerns, substance abuse prevention, bullying, truancy issues, and youth that found their way into the justice system. We provide the services that are needed – regardless of income or the ability to pay. Our goal is to make the future brighter for all youth and families alike.

YSB is a non-profit agency that relies solely on our generous donors who, like us, see the world as a better place for all of us. Everyone has an equal chance to succeed in life. Sometime things in life happen that derail that drive for a better future. We are here to help anyone get back on the right track to live out their dreams!

I’ve had the distinct honor and privilege to serve as the President of The Youth Service Bureau!  I have seen first-hand the amazing work our leaders and staff have provided in our communities to make our schools and neighborhoods better for everyone!  Whether it’s providing one on one services to those in need,  to working with our School District Partners to provide additional mental health and substance use counseling services within our schools.  We also work to provide training and learning opportunities for the public by providing movies centered around the current challenges facing our youth today and following up with panel discussions to open the lines of communication so youth and parents can learn to better communicate with each other.  We also provide training for parents to identify the warning signs that may signal an issue with your son or daughter.

We also work with our local City and County police departments to provide a different option to keep our youth out of the penal system.  We strive to put those youth who have veered off a path of success to get back on the right track through counseling and mentorship. Our success rate is over 90% of the youth that were referred to the YSB did not re-offend in the following 24 months!

And finally, we are learning the importance of racial equity and gaining a better understanding of what others are going through that we may not understand. Our Staff and Board of Directors are working together to provide opportunities to be a more inclusive agency for everyone!

My message to all of you is this…If you need our services – let us help you!  We are here to serve our communities we live in!  If you can support our mission through financial options or becoming more involved as a board member, please feel free to reach out to me or one of our staff members! We can point you in the direction of your passion for our youth!

We love the people and the communities we serve!  Thank you for supporting the Youth Service Bureau!