Awareness Programs

Awareness programs are open to participants who are in high school or under the age of 18.

A referral is not needed to participate, but you must pre-register to attend. To see upcoming programs dates, check out our Classes & Events page.

Our services are professional, affordable, and confidential.  We also offer a sliding fee scale, as needed.

To register, call a YSB office near you.

BULLYING AWARENESS PROGRAM (BAP) – 1 session, parent/guardian attends, $60
Increase your understanding of what bullying is, why it happens and the impact it can have on others. Class emphasis is on providing practical information to help decrease bullying behavior and support parents of youth engaged in bullying behaviors.

CHEMICAL AWARENESS PROGRAM (CAP) – 2 sessions, parent/guardian attends, $60
Learn about a variety of chemicals and the consequences of use. Class goals include helping youth make better decisions regarding chemical use and providing parents with reliable information and suggestions for managing use.

CREATIVE RESPONSES TO CONFLICT (CRC) – 3 sessions, parent/guardian attends, $60
Learn how to identify building anger and how to de-escalate it before poor decisions are made. Class goals include the ability to identify anger triggers and increase problem-solving, communication, and decision making skills.
* Note: This program does not take place in a class setting *

RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL MEDIA USE (RSMU)  – 2-5 sessions, parent/guardian attends, $40
Designed to help youth who are struggling to use social media in a healthy way. RSMU was developed at the suggestion of YSB’s referring parties (local law enforcement, school resource officers, and parents) and ranges from 2-5 sessions that fit the individual needs of each youth. Depending on the situation – sessions cover media use, social interactions, healthy relationships, consequences, positive decision making, building self-confidence, and setting goals.

THEFT AWARENESS PROGRAM (TAP) – 1 session, parent/guardian attends, $60
Discuss the consequences of shoplifting and theft. Class emphasis is on decision-making and its connection to values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a part of the Police Department?
What if we can’t make it to class/program because of work/life schedules?
What happens if we don't want to participate or complete the program?
Why do I have to attend classes when my child is the one requiring Diversion services?
Do I have to disclose this info on job and/or college apps?