Youth-Focused Family Counseling

At Youth Service Bureau, our goal is to address concerns early to prevent them from growing larger in the future.

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Counseling services are intended to help young people who are struggling with challenges in their lives. Parents and caregivers are also involved in counseling sessions and receive support and encouragement along the way.

During sessions youth and families will develop strategies to resolve immediate problems and prevent future ones. To do this, we build on individual and family strengths and help coordinate services with others.

We are now offering telehealth services in addition to in-person services to better meet the needs of our clients.

Our therapy staff are all mental health professionals.

Our clients range from 4 – 25 years of age. 

Our services are affordable and confidential. 

YSB accepts most insurance. We are happy to help determine your coverage.

We have a sliding-fee scale available, and can accept many insurance policies.

We strive not to deny service due to a family’s financial situation. Please contact our offices if you have any questions.

To schedule an appointment, please contact a YSB office near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer a child/teen to YSB?

ANYONE concerned about a child or teen’s behaviors, choices and/or mental health can refer to YSB. This includes parents, teachers, school administrators, social workers, school/officer liaisons, etc. Youth and Teens can call to ask for help for themselves, too.

Washington County Police and Court referrals are also common for “Diversion” services for situations involving law enforcement, but you don’t have to wait for someone else to tell you to call YSB.

I am concerned about my child’s/teen's choices and behaviors, but I don't have a referral. Where do I start?

Contact any of our 3 locations to briefly discuss your concerns, and we will schedule a meeting with a highly qualified YSB staff member who can help! Our website also has information about services and the staff you will be meeting with— so even after you’ve scheduled, you can find out more about who you are meeting with and what to expect.

Do you provide counseling for adults?

We can work with adults around parenting issues. While the primary client must be a child, YSB counselors are able to work with adults in their role as parents. We can also assist in locating additional resources for you if needed.

Do you offer Teletherapy?

We are offering therapy sessions via telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will continue to do so once in-person sessions resume. Please see our Coronavirus Information page for more information.

What are your fees for Counseling?

Intake Sessions for new clients: $175/hour

Counseling Sessions for returning clients: $160/hour

Do you accept insurance for counseling services?

YSB has numerous resources, thanks to local community support, to make services affordable to everyone.

YSB therapists are eligible for reimbursement by many health care plans. Our staff will help you determine what level of coverage may be available.

In situations where insurance reimbursement is not available, or high deductibles prevent access to service – our staff will work with the family to establish an affordable rate for services.  Please contact one of our offices to discuss a need-based, Sliding Fee Rate application.

What if I can’t afford the listed session fees?

In situations where insurance reimbursement is not available, or high deductibles prevent access to service – our staff will work with the family to establish an affordable rate for services.  Please contact one of our offices to discuss a need-based, Sliding Fee Rate application.

What are the credentials and experiences of YSB counselors?

Please refer to the “Our Staff” page to review the credentials and experience for each YSB counselor, along with any other YSB staff member.

What is the counseling process like?


Counseling is a learning and growing experience. An interactive relationship is formed between the counselor and the client(s). All share in the process. Your counselor may provide information or suggestions; however, the counselor cannot make judgments or decisions for you. It is your responsibility to put forth effort and work during your time with us.


Many times we’d like to think if we could change just one situation or person, our problem(s) would go away. This could be the case; however, more often the problem involves a number of areas and people in our lives. It is not your responsibility to change others, but your own personal change may make a difference in your concerns. Counseling is a process that may take some time.


The problems and concerns that brought you here probably involve intense feelings. Naturally, you may also experience feelings, both positive and negative, regarding your counselor and the counseling experience. It is advisable to bring all of these thoughts and feelings out into the open in your sessions. You will receive support, which is helpful in dealing with these emotions.


Unlike a medical doctor’s office, your progress here depends a lot on you. Your own activity is an important factor in learning about yourself and your family, and helping yourself and your family. Please remain open to change. Change is brought about by helping yourself. Change is brought about by actively applying what you learn in sessions to your daily life. You cannot expect counseling sessions to be of assistance to you without work on your part both within and outside of the sessions. The combined effort you make both in sessions and outside of the sessions will help you meet your goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your counselor about them.

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