Youth-Focused Family Counseling

At Youth Service Bureau, our goal is to address concerns early to prevent them from growing larger in the future.

Brazilian teenager sad and upset in bedroom

Counseling services are intended to help youth who are struggling with challenges in their lives. Parents and caregivers are also involved in counseling sessions and receive support and encouragement along the way.

During sessions youth and families will develop strategies to resolve immediate problems and prevent future ones. To do this, we build on individual and family strengths and help coordinate services with others.

  • Our therapy staff are all mental health professionals.
  • Our services are affordable and confidential.
  • YSB accepts most insurance. We are happy to help determine your coverage.
  • We have a sliding-fee scale available, and can accept many insurance policies.
  • We strive not to deny service due to a family’s financial situation.

To schedule an appointment, please contact a YSB office near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer a child/teen to YSB?
I am concerned about my child’s/teen's choices and behaviors, but I don't have a referral. Where do I start?
Do you provide counseling for adults?
What are your fees for Counseling?
Do you accept insurance for counseling services?
What if I can’t afford the listed session fees?
What are the credentials and experiences of YSB counselors?
What is the counseling process like?


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