Frequently Asked Questions

Is YSB Hiring?
Who can refer a child/teen to YSB?
I am concerned about my child’s/teen's choices and behaviors, but I don't have a referral. Where do I start?
Do you provide counseling for adults?
Do you accept insurance for counseling services?
What if I can’t afford the listed session fees?
What are the credentials and experiences of YSB counselors?
Are you a part of the Police Department?

Diversion Specific FAQs

Can I get a copy of “Community Work Service” sites?
Why do I have to attend classes when my child is the one requiring Diversion services?
What if I can’t make it to a class/program because of work/life schedules?
What happens if we don't want to participate or complete the program?
Why is my child the only one in trouble?
Do I have to disclose this info on job and/or college apps?
Can I bring siblings (that weren't involved) to the class?