History & Mission

YSB strives to be the first place families turn to when needs arise.

We are proud that after 40 years we are still helping youth and their families make BETTER CHOICES that lead to BRIGHTER FUTURES!


During the early 1970’s law enforcement agencies across the country were looking for ways to hold youth accountable for their actions without sending them through the juvenile system or labeling them as “delinquents.” As a result, the concept of Youth Service Bureau was born.

In the greater St. Croix Valley area, two such organizations were created.  South Communities Counseling Services was opened in Cottage Grove in 1976 and a similar organization called St. Croix Valley Youth Service Bureau, was established in Stillwater in 1978.

Both organizations shared a common goal:  Give youth and families the support they need at the first sign of challenges to avoid more significant consequences in the future. They also worked to meet the needs of youth, families, and communities by providing counseling and early intervention programs.

In 1996 these two organizations formally merged to create Youth Service Bureau, Inc. (YSB) with offices in Stillwater, Woodbury, and Cottage Grove.

Today, YSB remains true to the ideals of its founders. Youth continue to be held accountable and coached as they make amends to those hurt by their behavior.  And parents continue to get the support they need to guide their children through challenging times.  A variety of services are available to support a variety of early-intervention needs for youth.

We are proud that for more than 40 years we continue to help youth and their families make BETTER CHOICES that lead to BRIGHTER FUTURES!




We welcome all people and treat them with dignity by honoring who they are and what they believe.


We believe positive and lasting change is more likely when barriers are overcome and problems are addressed early.


We use innovative and proven practices that produce positive, measurable results.


We believe that involving parents and caretakers is essential to our work with children and youth.


We work with each community to adapt and implement programs in ways that best address local concerns.


Youth Service Bureau is broadly recognized as the best early intervention resource in Washington County, Minnesota and western Wisconsin for youth and families dealing with social, emotional and behavioral issues.  We partner with parents, schools, local law enforcement agencies, the courts, and community groups to keep children and youth out of the court system and in school.  Families are able to access our integrated array of services including youth focused family counseling as well as a variety of criminal justice and school-based programs tailored to the unique needs of the community.  We use evidence-based methods and rigorously evaluate programs to ensure positive outcomes.

Youth Service Bureau staff are well known in their respective service communities as effective champions who make a significant difference in the lives of youth and their families. We speak with one organizational voice; yet respond to the uniqueness of each community. Together, with our partners, we create a welcoming, sensitive and challenging environment for youth and their families.

Youth Service Bureau’s Board of Directors actively promotes the agency throughout the community, creating friends, partners and financial support as it guides the organization in a timely response to community opportunities and challenges.