Youth and Family Education

At YSB, our family education programs are expanding – to support youth as well as parents, caregivers and other adults supporting teens and pre-teens.

Our goal is to provide practical tools and resources that help parents feel better equipped to talk to their kids about tough issues, set and enforce boundaries and help their kids work out conflicts with peers or other adults.

We know that families are busy and that fitting another thing into their schedule can be challenging. That’s why we offer a variety of ways for families to get the support they need.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find and attend an education session?

YSB’ education sessions are posted on the classes and events tab found on, as well as additional details of how to register, event time and location.  Not finding the topic you are seeking?  Contact for additional options of bringing YSB to your community, school, or group.

How do I bring YSB’s education sessions to my community?

YSB is your Partner in Parenting!  Our staff bring their mental and chemical health training and knowledge to your community.  Reach out at to begin researching your topic needs and YSB’s commitment to #better choices brighter futures.

What topics are covered in Youth and Family Education?

Click here for a link to sessions YSB offers.  Please consider emailing the Youth and Family Education Coordinator with personalized session needs.  The YSB team offers a variety of education sessions that are personalized to your audience’s needs.

What is the “Speakers Bureau”?

YSB’s Speakers Bureau program helps you provide high quality parent education to your audience or workplace.

Raising kids is more complicated than ever before. Kids are exposed to things that didn’t exist when their parents were kids – e-cigarettes, social media, cyber-bullying – and there aren’t a lot of community resources to help parents of teens and pre-teens figure it all out.

Through Speakers Bureau, our staff share their expertise to help your audience better understand the challenges youth and families face and provide practical solutions for managing those challenges.

We realize that parents are busy and fitting another thing into their schedule can be challenging. We also know that parents don’t stop being parents when they go to work each day. Consider bringing YSB to your workplace for education opportunities catered to your schedules.  Watch YSB’s Partner in Parenting Podcast video messages for support and education that fits your schedule.